A patented process that increases yield and maintains or improves the quality of poultry, beef, pork and seafood.

The Pure Protein system recovers your trim pieces, solubilizes the protein, then injects or tumbles the solution back into your prime cuts without the traditional processing issues of the past. Our food science specialists will make the solution in your facility with food-grade processing aids. It’s safe, natural, and and can increase your yields significantly. Pure Protein is approved by numerous regulatory agencies and used in USDA and FDA regulated facilities.

Our Benefits

Why Choose Pacific Food Solutions

Improve Yield & Quality
Will significantly improve yields. Adds moisture and improves texture. More difficult to overcook. Chosen as superior in numerous blind cuttings.
Sustainable Process
Promotes considerate use of the world’s protein resources. Less raw material is required to produce the same quantity of prime protein products.
Natural Results
Provides a cleaner label and better cook results compared to phosphate moisture enhancement. Nothing is added that doesn’t naturally exist in the original product.
Supported by Experts
Backed by original inventors, food scientists and engineers.

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About Us

Pacific Food

Pacific Food Solutions began as a value added food processing company working with high value proteins. We started developing our process in 2009 to increase utilization of these high value proteins. In 2010, we decided to launch Pacific Food Solutions with the goal of spreading our process and the use of Pure Protein worldwide to companies interested in greater utilization, sustainability, product quality, and better use of the worlds proteins.